Insecurity no longer holds kids back

Our readers are were insecure
Insecurity is like a pesky little shadow that follows you around, but it doesn’t have to be a burden! Embrace the journey and unlock a fulfilled, happy, and love-filled life.


Relatable stories help kids develop skills like emotional regulation, problem-solving, and self-confidence, leading to a better life.


Relatable stories teach empathy, kindness, communication skills, leading to stronger, more loving relationships


Relatable stories teach valuable life skills and mindset shifts, leading readers to happiness, wealth, and abundance

The road to self - confidence

The adventures of Inse and Curity teach children to overcome insecurity


I ’m not smart enought, I can not lose weight or know how do this or that. Did you know that insecurity is the reason behind this.


I’m hurt, no one likes me,  they pick on me, it was her fault and so on. Did you know that insecurity is the reason behind this


I’m not happy, always angry, I’m borred, I need my mobile. Did you know that insecurity is the reason behind this.

Lessons about insecurity. Did you know it.

never sleeps

insecurity is always lurking

never gives up

never gives up and reappears every day

master deceiver

the master of disguise

all over the place

suddenly appears around the corner and disappears just as quickly

the best seller

comes up with strong arguments and sells your mother without any problem

sometimes your friend

sometimes saves yourself from mistakes and is then more than happy to let you know

The adventures of Inse and Curity

Meet Inse and Curity


Meet Inse, the master of overthinking and the king of insecurity. At the tender age of nine, he’s already convinced that the world is out to get him. With a wild imagination and a knack for imagining worst-case scenarios, he’s the ultimate worrywart. But don’t let his constant fretting fool you – Inse’s got a heart of gold and a creative streak a mile wide. Get ready to laugh, learn, and love this quirky little hero!


Introducing Curity, the ultimate boss girl and the queen of confidence. At twelve years old, she’s already a force to be reckoned with. Armed with a quick wit, a sharp mind, and a can-do attitude, Curity is always ready to take on the world – and win. Whether she’s standing up to bullies, acing her exams, or just living life to the fullest, she’s always in control. But don’t be fooled by her tough exterior – Curity’s got a heart as big as her brain, and a soft spot for anyone who needs a helping hand. Get ready to be inspired by this fearless, fabulous heroine!



The Books & Adventures

Five Transformations

The stories revolve around the life-changing power of the Five Transformations. Young readers will learn to conquer self-doubt, overcome adversity, and rise above anxiety and fear, all while developing the self-belief and confidence needed to achieve success and live a happy, fulfilling life.

Short Stories

The stories are intentionally short to accommodate short attention spans, and allow for concise storytelling and focused messaging. This encourages repeat readings, reinforcing important life skills and positive messages.

Story topics

Everyday situations that can trigger insecurity, like school, friends, playtime, parents, social pressure, and loss, form the core of each story.

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